Marco Rubio, #NeverTrump

Yesterday, I posted a clear warning that it would be unseemly for Marco Rubio to backpedal on his previous hard line on Donald Trump. That got me a lot of flack from Rubio supporters.

To Rubio supporters: I am one of you. Really, I am in Marco’s corner. I could easily have supported him for the nomination, and I only came out for Ted Cruz by a very small margin. Cruz has always been my “head” candidate and Rubio my “heart” candidate. Unfortunately I only had one vote to cast, and there can be only one nominee.

The dream of a Cruz/Rubio unity ticket never materialized, so all I can do is hope that Rubio has the good sense to stay out of Trump’s reality distortion zone that has so far captured Chris Christie and Ben Carson. But now I read that Rubio may have been involved–in the background–in the Cruz/Kasich alliance.

From the New York Post on Monday:

“Little Marco ain’t so little anymore,” one Rubio insider told The Post, referring to Trump’s derisive nickname for the Florida senator.

A GOP strategist who backed Rubio was involved in talks that led to the alliance between Cruz and Kasich to derail Trump, the source said.

This is great news, to me at least.

Because there have always been two things at stake in this election. First, the stewardship of our federal government: Do we want an ever-growing, more powerful, monolithic State with states as mere political subdivisions, or do we want a true federal system with sovereign states vesting certain limited powers in a national government?

Second, the stewardship of the Republican Party. Do we want a GOP dedicated to first principles, small government, a federal republic ruled by three equal branches, or do we want a GOP that’s simply a mirror of the Democratic Party, but with slightly different policy aims?

Donald Trump represents a threat to both. If he wins the GOP nomination, there will be very little difference between him and Hillary Clinton on the role and scope of the federal government, and the imperial rule of the presidency. So the GOP will stand for nothing more than different ends using the same terrible means that erode our republic.

Worse, he may destroy the GOP and at the same time lose to Hillary, yielding the country to the Democrats.

So, having Marco Rubio, who sacrificed his campaign trying to take on Trump using his own tactics, on our side–the side of conservatives–is welcome news.

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