Marco Rubio: No, No, No, No

Marco Rubio at one time was our best hope to stop Donald Trump from stealing the GOP nomination and hijacking the party. Now he’s made it clear that he’s prepared to stand on the deck of the Titanic with the tiny-handed man who bested him.

Rubio told CNN’s Jake Tapper that he plans to attend the Cleveland RNC convention, would speak on behalf of Trump if asked, and “basically have already” released his delegates, and “if we haven’t done so already, we will.”

Leon Wolf pegged it, that Rubio was exactly what Trump called him.

Donald Trump, for his part, called Marco Rubio “Little Marco” – a man of no substance and no principle who would say anything to get elected. He attacked him as a choker (or chocker, if you prefer) and a lightweight (or leightweight). Another one of the politicians who was all talk, talk, talk and no action.

Marco Rubio was right about Donald Trump.

Which now means that Donald Trump was also right about Marco Rubio.

Of course, this has always been my nightmare scenario, and now it’s half true. The other half (Rubio as Trump’s VP) is just the tiniest bit closer to reality, and that means I may have to throw up.

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