Marco Rubio’s *Drops Mic* Exit

Charlie Gasparino of Fox Business Network had an on-air report this morning that is putting the news cycle into a state of frenzy.  Gasparino claimed numerous top Rubio donors told him that Rubio may drop out before next Tuesday’s Florida primary, unless polling immediately improves:

The Rubio campaign is officially denying the report, as we might expect.  But, frankly, there is little reason to think that Rubio’s campaign is not having these existential internal debates following the “debacle” that was last night’s dead-last finishes in Michigan and Mississippi, and distant third-place finishes in Idaho and Hawaii.

I fully agree with Erick’s calls for immediate unity, and I have previously argued that coalescing now — the #CruzOrLose strategy — to beat Trump on the delegate count is a drastically superior option to an incredibly risky contested convention floor fight.

If Gasparino’s report is accurate, and if the Rubio campaign really is considering — despite campaign spin to the contrary — suspending itself before Florida, then I merely want to chime in on the most effective possible way of its doing so.

Marco Rubio should stay in until tomorrow night’s debate in his hometown of Miami.  He should continue his tag team with Ted Cruz and engage in scorched-earth warfare on our objectionable frontrunner, Donald Trump.  The tag team has clearly not helped Rubio himself, but Kentucky and Louisiana last Saturday show that it has been effective in peeling away marginal Trump support.  Cruz should continue to attack with gravitas and substance, while Rubio should continue to diligently unmask for all to see the “con artist” Trump.

When the debate is nearly over, and the dynamic Cuban-American tag team has once again ravaged the bloviating narcissist for all to see, Marco Rubio can exit this campaign in truly dramatic *drops mic* fashion.  In his closing statement of tomorrow night’s debate, Marco Rubio should formally endorse Ted Cruz for President of the United States, and explain why Cruz is the only Republican who can stop Trump’s hostile takeover of the Republican Party.

The Rubio campaign’s currently aimless strategy seems content to place its man above its party, its conservative movement, and, arguably, its country.  In one amazing 30-60 second sound bite tomorrow night, that can all change — and, with it, salvage Rubio’s political future.

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