Marco Rubio’s Florida Myopia Will Get Donald Trump The Nomination

The Rubio campaign is telling everyone that Rubio is in until Florida because he is the only one with a shot at stopping Trump in Florida.

Concede, for a minute, that this is true, whether you think it is or not.

The fact is Florida is not the only state in play that day.

March 15th includes Florida, Illinois, Missouri, Northern Marianas, and Ohio.

We saw in Hawaii, Idaho, Maine, Mississippi, Texas, and elsewhere that Marco Rubio is causing Trump to come in first place or gain delegates in second place that he otherwise would have not have gotten.

In Idaho, for example, if Rubio was not on the ballot, Cruz would have gotten all the delegates. Same in Texas.

This is bigger than Florida.

Trump may get the winner take all delegates in Florida that day with Rubio on the ballot or not on the ballot. But Rubio, staying on the ballot, impacts 253 delegates beyond Florida on March 15th.

This is bigger than Florida. Rubio staying in affects many other states and we have the data to show it. That data shows that while Kasich will get some of Rubio’s vote, a significant portion will go to Cruz and more often than not it is significant enough to help Cruz take Trump’s delegates.

Marco Rubio needs to get out of the race immediately.

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