Marco Rubio’s High Note

No deals on stage. No coordination. No major attacks. But Marco Rubio really had the best debate of anyone on that debate stage. His answers on Cuba, Islam, Global Warming, etc. were just so solid.

And it should matter. Rubio did not drop out after this past Tuesday. He and Cruz are not barnstorming the state. So at this point, as the Cruz Super PACs withdraw their ads from the state and stop attacking Rubio, everybody in Florida should be rooting for him to deny Trump those delegates.

Rubio’s answer on Cuba might have won him Florida. His performance was outstanding.

Overall, it will not matter. The math moving forward does not work for Rubio. Likewise, his continued presence in the race hurts Cruz and continues to help Trump in those other states. In several states so far, Rubio has dragged down Cruz when Cruz could have beaten Trump.

Florida, however, is in play. The Cruz team admits their head fake, their Super PAC has withdrawn, and maybe Rubio can beat Trump and get those 99 delegates. That, by the way, seems like a deal of some kind.

God speed if so. But I continue to worry about Rubio in the other states. He does not have the money or campaign to jump ahead of Ted in places like Illinois and North Carolina, but could potentially keep Cruz below Trump.

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