Marcomentum Returns: Marco Rubio Is Tied With Ted Cruz

This is big news folks. Having been in third place nationally for a while and having gotten fifth place in New Hampshire, Marco Rubio has rebounded completely and now finds himself tied with Ted Cruz in national polling and, in some polls, ahead of Cruz.

Cruz, in a nasty war with Trump and Rubio, has seen his negatives plummet while Rubio has begun deploying the old Cruz strategy of treating Trump with kid gloves.

It has paid off for him and he is seeing a huge shift in momentum in his direction. Those of us who thought there might have to be a rally Cruz moment to stop Trump may come out of South Carolina — with Nevada three days later — and need to consider a rally Rubio moment.

Nevada’s caucuses, which come three days after South Carolina, will be serious proving ground for Rubio’s momentum. We are less than week away from seeing what happens there.

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