Marlene Gaskill — Still a Hero

Regular readers know about my ongoing complains over “spas” in my area, which are sometimes and in someplaces fronts for illegal activity (Yeah, yeah. To the asian spa blogger who gets mad at me all the time, it’s my opinion — no, I haven’t been so no I won’t report it as fact. I report, the reader decides)

Anyway, see here:

A year ago Marlene Gaskill’s Peachtree Corners home was surrounded by massage parlors that she felt certain provided quite a bit more than a back rub.

Within a mile of her home, establishments with neon signs proclaiming Bubbles Spa and Hong Kong Pleasure Palace practiced their trade until the wee hours of the morning.

“There were four in my area and some of them were in shopping centers next to restaurants and a ice cream parlor,” said Gaskill, who started an e-mail crusade against the spas. “But now they have all closed. These houses of prostitution have left my neighborhood.”

Gaskill’s neighborhood isn’t the only one to witness the recent flight of massage parlors. Police recently arrested the owners of two Norcross-area massage parlors and say the owners of the last questionable parlor in the county plan to close by the end of this week.

An eight-month crackdown on illicit massage parlors has pushed all the sex-selling businesses out of the county, authorities say. A one-two punch of new, stricter county ordinances and aggressive police stings has resulted in the closing of about 20 parlors.

“It has been a long investigation and we are pleased with the results,” said Investigator Chris Long of the Gwinnett police intelligence unit. “It is possible that they will use other avenues to ply their trade. But it will not be massage parlors.”

Gwinnett began experiencing an influx of massage parlors after DeKalb and Fulton counties passed ordinances requiring therapists to pass a national certification test. DeKalb passed its ordinance in 1999, and Fulton’s followed two years later.

The crackdown began in December when Gwinnett passed a similar ordinance. Officers intensified undercover stings at the parlors, Long said.

I believe the Macon-Bibb County area needs to pass strict licensing requirements.

I mean, really, how many people want a massage at 3am at the 24hr “Lucky China Spa” to name just one.

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