Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin speaks before the arrival of President-elect Donald Trump during the first stop of his post-election tour, Thursday, Dec. 1, 2016, in Cincinnati. (AP Photo/John Minchillo)

Matt Bevin and Kentucky Republicans Are Making That State Competitive

Don’t look now, but Governor Matt Bevin and the Republicans in the Kentucky legislature are throwing coal in the furnace of Kentucky’s economic engine. States like Tennessee, South Carolina, and Georgia haven’t had to take Kentucky serious in terms of job attraction because it was stuck in the past. It had a high prevailing wage law on public construction and was a unionized state. That has changed now.

Governor Matt Bevin has signed legislation making Kentucky the twenty-seventh right-to-work state. Not only that, but the legislature has just passed a prevailing wage law that will reduce the costs of public construction in Tennessee. Both laws together make Tennessee very competitive for business and competition is a good thing. The tax laws and business environment in Tennessee have attracted a fair number of businesses that were considering the Bluegrass state. Kentucky becoming more business friendly will force other business friendly states to up their game and that will benefit everyone.

On top of that, Governor Bevin and the Kentucky legislature are also pursuing a solid pro-life agenda, which includes a fetal pain bill, prohibiting abortions after the period science has shown infants in the womb can feel pain.

Kentucky was the last state in the South to unshackle itself from the outmoded politics of Democrats and it is nice to see it moving full steam ahead to become more business friendly. I still need to schedule a golf trip through bourbon country.

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