Max Blumenthal, Friend of Hillary Clinton, Reminds Us That He is the Scum of the Earth

Max Blumenthal, son of longtime Clinton aide Sidney Blumenthal, is a notorious anti-Israel activist and one of the world’s most noxiously self-hating, virulent anti-Semites.  He routinely invokes “Holocaust inversion” demagoguery and compares the modern State of Israel to the Third Reich; this moral inversion invariably involves comparing Bibi Netanyahu, whom I have called the “Churchill of our time,” to Hitler.  (One sincerely must wonder if Max thinks the right side actually won World War II.)  Max’s 2013 book, Goliath: Life and Loathing in Greater Israel, was so utterly disgraceful so as to prompt book reviewer Eric Alterman—himself a Leftist, wrting in the left-wing publication, The Nation—to call it the “I Hate Israel handbook” and to note that it is “no exaggeration to say that this book could have been published by the Hamas Book-of-the-Month Club (if it existed).”  Max has also issued de facto fatwas for leading young pro-Israel activists, some of whom I am fortunate enough to call friends.

To put it simply, Max Blumenthal is the scum of the Earth.  He is a truly terrible human being.  And in the aftermath of the death yesterday of iconic Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel at age 87—the man who has done more than perhaps anyone over the past half-century to ensure “Never Again” transcends banality and becomes a truly enduring global lesson, and who no less a Leftist than Barack Obama himself referred to as “the conscience of the world”—Max took to Twitter to remind us how utterly vile he is.

Allow me to be blunt here and speak for proud Jews and Zionists the world over: go to hell, Max.  And take the global jihad that you so often apologize for with you.

I am as #NeverTrump as they come.  Holding policy and ideology aside, and even ignoring the non-negligible possibility that he is a true would-be fascist, I think the orange-hued clown is monstrously unfit for the high office he seeks, as a human being.  But in seeking to defend conservatism against “alt-right” crusaders and the white supremacists, it is imperative that we also do not let Hillary Clinton off the hook for her own manifold flaws.  She is so very terrible—so very disqualified—in her own right.  Specifically, in the context of the Blumenthals, it is important that we do not forget that Hillary Clinton herself has praised Max Blumenthal’s books, in previous correspondences with Sidney Blumenthal.

A writer should avoid hyperbole.  But when it comes to Max Blumenthal, son of longtime Clinton aide Sidney Blumenthal, it’s hard to avoid superlatives.  Max is quite simply one of the most biased, anti-Semitic, terrorist-defending, Israel-has-no-right-to-exist haters out there.

Max, who spends most of his professional life being ignored because of his extreme, hate-filled drivel, recently became the focus of scrutiny when it was revealed that his father, Sid Blumenthal, promoted Max’s anti-Semitic writings to Ms. Clinton when she was Secretary of State of the United States.  More explosive are Ms. Clinton’s emails praising Max’s work. …

In my column, I also wrote about how arguably the most prominent anti-Semite in America, David Duke, praised [Blumenthal’s book] Goliath.  Max complained that this wasn’t true.  I will set the record straight.  Mr. Duke himself didn’t write about the book, but his racist, anti-Semitic website had two different postings that praised it.  And, while we are clarifying things, I would just like to add that Max’s writings have been featured on the Neo-Nazi website Stormfront and the anti-Semitic Electronic Intifada site, as well.  So I hope that clarification helps.

Again, thanks to FOIA, we literally know for fact that Hillary Clinton has praised Max Blumenthal.  And she has done so repeatedly.

Here are some of Hillary’s email responses to Max’s missives:

7/6/2010 – “Pls print 5 copies but w/out heading from Sid.”

8/17/2010 – “Pls congratulate Max for another impressive piece. He’s so good.”

11/18/2010- “A very smart piece as usual.”

4/7/2011 – “Will Max’s piece be published anywhere else? It is powerful and touching.”

12/23/2011 – “Max strikes again!”

1/21/2012 – “Interesting reading.”

9/13/2012 “Your Max is a mitzvah!”

12/7/2012 – “Good stuff. Where is he now?”

Yes, you heard right.  A Jew who compares the IDF to the SS is a mitzvah.

Elie Wiesel is an eternal hero.  Israel is the West’s front line against the global jihad; it is not the Third Reich.  Max Blumenthal is scum.  And Hillary Clinton’s long-running relationship with Sidney Blumenthal and constant praising of Max is one of the most underreported aspects of this absolute dumpster fire of a 2016 presidential campaign.

May Elie Wiesel’s life work and memory be a blessing.

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