Maybe Bill O’Reilly Should Repent Instead of Being Mad at God

Often when we’re struggling and we think God is punishing us for something, it is the Lord admonishing us and calling us back to him. He wants us contrite and, to be honest, we have not gotten any of that from Bill O’Reilly. Now O’Reilly says he is mad at God. Perhaps he should be mad at himself.

Folks, I have tried to avoid this topic. I have a number of mutual friends with Bill. I do not really know him and was only on his show a few times at Fox. But the reality is quite simple. Multiple women have accused O’Reilly of all sorts of things. He has never said he was sorry. He has blamed the victims. And he has denied it all away.

No company spends millions of dollars to get rid of those claims. They fight them because they know if they settle frivolous claims they are going to attract more frivolous claims. So if there are $10 million settlements, there’s fire and not just smoke.

And no person settles a made up claim for $32 million. That O’Reilly has been waving around the victim’s retraction of claims as proof nothing happened is a big sign that something did happen. He would not have gotten that piece of paper with that retraction but for paying $32 million.

The fact is we are enabling Bill O’Reilly to avoid repentance. Every day someone props him up and does a “poor Bill” and helps him rehabilitate his character with repentance, we are setting him up for a bad day on the last day.

Likewise, it makes it really hard for anyone to take conservatives seriously if they prop up O’Reilly while attacking the left for embracing Harvey Weinstein. I know we are all supposed to be in tribes these days, but taking some moral consistency would do us all good.

Bill O’Reilly can keep being mad with God, blaming victims and everyone else, and denying he did anything wrong, but the inescapable fact is that much money does not change hands without something having happened. Until Bill O’Reilly repents and shows some level of contrition, we should keep him at arm’s length for his own sake. He needs to get right with God and his apologists are keeping that from happening.

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