Maybe the President Understands the Public Better Than The Talking Heads Do

I know it sounds crazy, but then you probably thought Hillary Clinton was going to get elected last November. Bare with me here, just for a minute.

In counties Donald Trump won, he remains at fifty percent or higher while Hillary Clinton is less popular than him.

So yes, Donald Trump has the worst job approval rating of any President six months in, but he’s still more liked than Hillary Clinton and he is still winning all the counties he previously won.

On top of that, Republicans are more enthusiastic about voting next year than Democrats.

Now let’s add to that the Bloomberg data.

According to Bloomberg’s polling, the media is giving 75% of its attention to the Russia investigation and only 6% of Americans think that is the most important news of the day. 35% of Americans think healthcare is the most important news and the media is giving that only 4% of its attention. On top of that, 10% of the public thinks immigration is the biggest issue and the media is giving zero coverage to that topic.

If the President gets his wall and gets a GOP win on healthcare, he probably thinks he can do whatever he wants on the Russia investigation. Like it or not, he is going to be President for a while and as the media continues to chase this story, the public continues to not give a damn about it.

So many, myself included, truly thought Trump could not win last November. But he did. Perhaps he actually understands the American people better than us and knows he can continue to ride public apathy for a story only the media and left seem to truly care about.

If so, this means the President needs some legislative wins on major policy positions. And if Democrats keep trying to block him on those, you’ll probably see Republican enthusiasm to vote go up even higher.

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