McDonalds, Mad Men, and Pass The Heinz

Art imitates life imitates business imitates politics and fast food.

Don Draper fictionally pitched “Pass the Heinz” featuring no ketchup bottle to the fictionally depicted but very real ketchup maker. In “Mad Men,” they turned him down, but then President Trump slathered the condiment on a very expensive steak.

So now we’ve got the company once owned by billionaire Teresa Heinz, wife of John Kerry, actually, in real life, running Draper’s ad campaign (“Mad Men” was set in the 1960’s, ICYMI).

Just look at that beautiful steak.

Now imagine it dripping with Heinz ketchup. That’s how the president likes his. Chefs are hiding their heads in take-out bags. But Heinz is cashing in, hoping to line the pockets of (very real) billionaire Warren Buffett, whose Berkshire Hathaway owns 26 percent of the now-merged Kraft Heinz Company.

Are you following? Real business, fake ad, real ketchup, and now fake tweets.

Apparently, Trump’s desecration of a steak got someone with access to McDonalds corporate Twitter account very upset.

They tweeted to Trump “You are actually a disgusting excuse of a President and we would love to have @BarackObama back, also you have tiny hands,” and pinned the tweet to @McDonaldsCorp.


McDonalds blames the Russians.

Real McDonalds loves them some Trump. And Grimace thinks the hands aren’t that small.

If only Trump’s budget could replicate the McDonalds “dollar menu,” and government could be as opportunistic as Heinz.

Making hamburgers (and ketchup, the most American combination in the world) great again, at least for one day.

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