Meet The Newest, Gayest WH Correspondent. Liberals Hate Him

Now don’t worry, I’m not outing anyone. In fact, Lucian Wintrich, who works for Gateway Pundit, is about as out as a man can get. Jim Hoft’s borderline-fake-news blog of sensational headlines and Trump Uber Alles received White House press credentials, the New York Times reported Monday.

The most interesting aspect of their piece was that the NYT published a link to Wintrich’s personal blog, offered without commentary. It’s umm, spicy, if you’re into art, #DaddyWillSaveUs, Milo Yiannopoulos, and other stuff you might find in a 28-year-old gay Trump-loving flamboyant conservative’s collection.

Honestly, I was a bit taken aback when I clicked a link expecting some dry background, and was drowned in tidal wave of colorful ties and the other afore-mentioned items.

So it turns out Wintrich was an advertising creative person who got fired last October when his boss thought he’d be happier “pursuing his other interests.” Perhaps they saw his blog too. And now this guy is going to sit in the smallish White House briefing room and shoot questions at Press Secretary Sean Spicer.

The main stream media must be be going full Ouroboros on this. They’d love to welcome an active and unashamed member of the LGBT community, and at the same time, they despise everything Wintrich loves. We all know what happens to gay people who support the wrong (read: conservative) candidates. Wintrich and his pal Yiannopoulos rub this in the liberal LGBT community’s faces.

They’re also insulted that Gateway Pundit, which is about a step and a half above Alex Jones’ InfoWars in its respect of true things and real news, gets likely preferential treatment over themselves.

In a telephone interview from the West Wing, Mr. Wintrich, 28, said he would “be reporting far more fairly than a lot of the very left-wing outlets that are currently occupying the briefing room.” He added, “We will be doing a little trolling of the media in general here.”

Asked what kind of trolling his fellow White House correspondents might want to prepare for, Mr. Wintrich paused. “I don’t want to give too much away,” he said. “We have some pretty solid stuff planned.”

As for trolling the media, the NYT claimed that Hoft posted an altered picture of himself and Wintrich standing behind the White House briefing room podium, with Pepe the frog added. That post is on Hoft’s Twitter feed, but he merely retweeted a “Congrats!” post from one of Gateway Pundit’s many alt-right followers.

It’s a small reporting error, but typical of the left-leaning MSM. Hoft and Wintrich will fit right in to Trump’s dark side basement-dwelling operation. They may not, however, get invited to all the swanky Georgetown press parties with all the other correspondents. Somehow I don’t think they care.

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