Meet Trump’s Mini-Me’s, His Big Donors

Donald Trump makes a big deal of the fact that he is self-funding his campaign. Let’s lay aside the fact that he has loaned the campaign $25 million which will need to be paid back. Let’s lay aside the fact that Trump pays himself to fly on “Trump Force One,” eat at Trump Cafe and Trump Grill, and rent space from Trump Plaza LLC and Trump Tower Commercial LLC.

Let’s focus on the fact that Trump, who said his donors contributions were “peanuts” have contributed over 25 percent of the $34.5 million the Trump campaign has raised or spent. From The Washington Post:


Of those donors, about 200 have given the maximum allowed by law–$2,700–for Trump’s primary campaign. I’d call them an eclectic group, but really they’re not. They’re more like mini-Trumps who share his values and answer his siren song. Some of them are hucksters. From the AP:

There’s Alice Chapman, a reality television star and the wife of Dog the Bounty Hunter. There’s Jim Shore, a well-known artist who sells his figurines on QVC. Kelly Roberts has also chipped in. She’s the mother of two “television personalities,” wife of a millionaire frozen-burrito king and co-owner of the historic Mission Inn Hotel and Spa in Riverside, California.

Daniel Arias, a 75-year-old legal immigrant from El Salvador who has been in the U.S. for 30 years, parrots Trump word-for-word.

“He’s the only one who is going to do something to stop illegal immigration,” said Arias, who contends many come here for the government benefits and “to steal and sell drugs.” Trump famously kicked off his campaign by saying some Mexican immigrants who entered the country illegally are “rapists.”

Arias is far from alone in parroting Trump’s saltier language and buzz words. More than one said they like Trump because they think he will make America great again, which happens to be his slogan, emblazoned on red ball caps.

Al Gamble, a Connecticut restaurant owner, said he gave to Trump in October because he is tired of families like the Bushes and the Clintons, who have “raped this country to assist in the globalist’s agenda.”

These maxed-out donors have adopted Trump’s manner on his opponents, too, calling Rubio a “loser,” for example.

“Every time something comes out of his mouth, it’s exactly something that would come out of my mouth,” [donor Peter Zieve] said. One example: When Mexican leaders dismissed Trump’s demand that they pay for his proposed border wall, Trump declared the wall “just got 10 feet higher.”

And the best imitation of Trump’s values…

Joe Kaminkow, a well-known game developer, met Trump years ago when designing a slot-machine version of “The Apprentice,” Trump’s hit TV show.

“From my one-on-one dealings with him, he’s a gentleman,” Kaminkow said. He thinks Trump is right about some policy issues, too, such as making trade deals more favorable to the U.S. “But the question is, who do you want answering the call at 3 a.m.? I think we need a president who maintains our stability and strength with understanding. And he isn’t behaving in that way.”

So why the heck did Kaminkow give Trump $2,700 in August?

“Well, I’m a Democrat, and I feel like Hillary Clinton is the most qualified person in the race,” he said. “But I was so entertained by what I saw from the Republicans on TV that I wanted to do my part to keep that party going.”

There it is. It’s all about entertainment, and Democrat New York values.

(Image source: Wikimedia Commons)

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