Melissa McCarthy, Scoot Over.

Well, Sean Spicer may be back from his partial week off the podium for Naval Reserve duty, but his deputy, Sarah Huckabee-Sanders made a splash of her own during perhaps the most tumultuous news cycle of this new presidency. He didn’t seem to miss it much, even though he quipped about the press missing him while talking to the press today. Perhaps she doesn’t want to give it back. Either way, Spicer would do better to stay out of (or, AWAY FROM?) the bushes during stressful stories in the future.

It’s safe to say though that regardless of who maintains press sec duties (that is, if the president doesn’t cancel them as he threatened to do today), either performer will provide plenty of comedic inspiration for America’s weekend SNL fetish. After a sustained ratings renaissance this last year, SNL has managed to hang onto most of it’s momentum with it’s cast and guests having tapped into the idiosyncrasies of both the press secretary and his boss behind the talents of Melissa McCarthy and Alec Baldwin.

McCarthy prepared for Spicer’s return this week by a return of her own to host of the weekend show, prepping some film for Saturday by driving her infamous motorized podium down 59th st in New York City on Friday morning. [See video above] It was something you had to be there for.

Meanwhile, the White House was working on transitioning back to Spicer return, who many say may be on the rocks after the last week, and his bush incident, with his deputy showing she can handle a few questions, even if it was amusing at times. Her tough as nails persona and a few combative, mic drop moments this week (like this one with Jon Karl) even earned her own hashtag: #Huckaboom. You haven’t truly arrived until you get your own hashtag.

With the kind of week Huckabee-Sanders had, anyone could empathize with having twist like a pretzel while answering a barrage of questions from a legitimately stumped press corps. Nonetheless, even the best of intentions serve to make us laugh when the impressions are done well.

And I think there’s no one better to handle this week’s press briefings than six-year cast member, Vanessa Bayer. I think she can do it. What do you think? If it happens, you heard it here. And it means SNL reads the Resurgent!

Oh, and don’t forget to keep your sense of humor, America. It’s only politics!

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