Republican presidential candidate, businessman Donald Trump, pauses as Republican presidential candidate, Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., center and Republican presidential candidate, Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, greet at a break during a Republican presidential primary debate at The University of Houston, Thursday, Feb. 25, 2016, in Houston. (AP Photo/David J. Phillip)

Miami Herald Offers A Preview Of The Left’s Attack On #CruzRubio

No sooner does it become evident that the non-Trump GOP (meaning the GOP, more or less as it was before July 2015) is aligning behind Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio in a likely unity ticket, do we see a foreshadow of the attacks the political left will level at them.

The Miami Herald leveled a “you’re not one of us” attack on Cruz and Rubio, because they’re not Cuban enough. Fabiola Santiago called them “cubano arrepentido, a denier of your heritage,” a scurrilous and patently untrue claim that tells more about Santiago’s own preconceptions than it does Cruz or Rubio’s heritage.

To sum up, you can’t be Cuban-American if you:

  • Love guns (and bacon; she called Cruz a “machine-gun-bacon enthusiast”)
  • Don’t speak Spanish fluently (this applies to Cruz, not Rubio)
  • Don’t have empathy for undocumented immigrants (this is really a scandalous lie, both Cruz and Rubio have plenty of empathy, but empathy doesn’t mean we open our borders to everyone who manages to make it across illegally)
  • Oppose immigration reform
  • Don’t support gay marriage
  • Oppose Medicaid expansion
  • Don’t believe in man-made climate change

How these Democrat talking points somehow validate Cuban heritage is beyond me. In Cuba itself, other than speaking Spanish and (except for the army) carrying guns, none of those issues are even debatable. I mean literally, if you debate them, Castro will put you in prison.

The most heinous accusation Santiago makes is that somehow Cruz and Rubio hide their roots. Both Cruz and Rubio have spoken extensively about their heritage, but more about how they are Americans and how America can be a better place for their children.

“America is a very powerful culture with very powerful values and traditions,” Rubio told the AP. “You can see it. You see it within one generation, certainly by two generations.”

Cruz knows who he is–a Hispanic who represents the best of America, and his heritage, very well. Latinos are proud of him.

“I hope to do very, very well in the Hispanic community,” said Cruz, who became the first Hispanic candidate to win a presidential nominating battle with his recent victory at the Iowa caucus. He also readily makes note of how well he did among Hispanic voters in his successful 2012 run for the senate.

It seems that Santiago and her liberal ilk would rather see Trump, a man who treats Latinos as low-wage employees doing jobs “Americans won’t do,” than either of the two Hispanic men seeking the presidency. That way, she can stump for her true hero: Hillary Clinton, who seems to have more in common with the Miami Herald’s version of “Cuban heritage” than merely…being Cuban.

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