Michael Moore Joins the Left’s Finger Pointing

Following Jon Ossoff’s Joker-esque burning of money on Tuesday, there has been plenty of finger pointing by Democrats across the country.  Now Michael Moore has waddled onto the scene to join the fray.  His message seems to be, “We aren’t radical enough yet!”

This all seems to be a sign of the continuing strife within the Democrat Party.  Bernie Bros are still feeling unwanted.  Sad!

Taking on Democrat leadership, Moore accuses the Party of having “no message, no plan, no leaders, won’t fight, & hate the resistance.”  After the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee flushed $5 million in expenditures down the toilet, it’s not surprising that the Left is upset.  Moore is joining an increasingly loud chorus.  The problem for liberals like him though is that the Democrats actually do have a message, plan, and leaders.  They just happen to be garbage. 

The Democrat message is Socialism.  Apparently, Moore thinks it’s just not socialist enough or trendy enough.  Unfortunately for people like Moore, the average American voter has no interest in tax increases, gun confiscation, or funding Planned Parenthood – no matter how many celebrity web videos are produced.  Liberal priorities in San Francisco turn off normal voters in places like Georgia’s 6th District.  Michael Moore doesn’t care though.  He’s going to ram his beliefs down your throat anyway.  He just needs a new flashy catchphrase to sell it like “Hope and Change” or “Yes, we can”, and if you oppose him, he and all his friends will call you a bigot.  That is how leftists win people’s hearts and minds.  But after the American people lived through liberalism for 8 years, it’s not so easy to hide behind empty slogans and name calling anymore.

The Democrat plan is to obstruct conservative reforms and pin fantasy Russian corruption to the GOP, which unfortunately Trump is making far too easy.  Right now, this is where they are having the most success.  They have dragged down Trump’s approval ratings and the public perception of the Republican Party.  If they overplay their hand though, this can backfire quickly. 

The Democrat leaders are hard left power mongers, thirsty to build a national socialist utopia in the image of Flint, MI.  They run around trying to campaign on and enact policies that Michael Moore supports.  Democrat leaders are so similar now as to be almost interchangeable.  Their strategies aren’t working, because only Obama was able to sell some of their ideas outside of deep blue districts.  Nancy Pelosi and DNC Chairman Tom Perez are far leftists who agree in principle with everything Michael Moore wants.  But they still aren’t liberal enough for him.  It is true though that Tom Perez can’t raise money, and Pelosi has become so polarizing that she turns off all but the most die-hards Commies.  Only Hillary Clinton creates more opposition turnout than her.  But no amount of ingenious tactics from a brilliant leader can overcome such an unpopular Socialist agenda.  Even Obama had to hide his true goals.  

Moore complains that the Democrats aren’t embracing the “resistance”, i.e., the Leftist anti-Trump activists marching in the streets.  Where has this guy been?  The “resistance” is dictating the Democrats’ actions now and writing their talking points.  When Tom Perez deployed new resources and staffers to Georgia in May, he targeted minority voters.  He said that these voters “have been at the heart of the resistance.”  Rep. Green (D-TX) and Rep. Sherman (D-CA) are even pursuing impeachment proceedings.  Fortunately for conservatives, the “resistance” is taking the mask off the Democrats so everyone can see. 

Democrats have adopted everything Michael Moore supports, but they keep losing.  So the Bernie Bros have to find a scape goat to protect the validity of their worldview.  Thus, all guns are trained on their leaders now.   It can’t be the message, so it must be the messengers. 


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