Michael Moore Wants You to Plan Your Year Around Protesting Trump

Well, aren’t you a helpful little monkey?

Liberal filmmaker, Michael Moore, continues to pimp his brand by announcing that he will begin efforts to help activists plan their lives around opposing President Trump.

The “Resistance Calendar” allows anyone to add an event happening at any location to the calendar.

In a post on Facebook announcing the new calendar on Monday, Moore said he intends it to serve as a “one-stop site” and “clearinghouse of all actions” for anti-Trump events around the country.

“Our goal is his removal from office — and the defeat of any politician who isn’t with us,” Moore said in his post. “WE ARE THE MAJORITY.”

Oh, good grief, people.

I totally understand being upset, but the election was over three months ago. We’ve had horrible presidents before (very recent memory brings to mind one example).

With every new president, somebody believes that the downfall of America is upon us. We’re still here.

I’m also one of the least optimistic about Trump as president, in the long term.

All that being said, if you actually need a calendar to keep up with anti-Trump events, there is a serious hole in your life, and I don’t think you’re going to find contentment on a picket line.

Have you thought about turning your activism into positive acts?

Volunteer at a food bank. Help build houses with Habitat for Humanity. Deliver meals to shut-ins or collect clothing for the homeless.

Do something to actually promote change, instead of clogging up street corners and complaining about a guy who just got in office.

There is a system of checks and balances in this government that will keep a leash on our president, and has already done so, in several instances.

There may come a time to protest him, but you shouldn’t be planning to protest preemptively.

It makes you look petty and deranged.

Items already listed on the calendar include the “Not My Presidents Day”rallies being held across the country on Monday. Moore said he’d like the space to also hold information on rallies in smaller cities across the U.S. as well.

Moore called the online calendar “a 24/7 clearinghouse of the already MASSIVE resistance to Trump, to the Republican Congress, and, yes, to many of the spineless Democratic politicians out there.”

Moore needs to get busy on another movie that nobody wants to watch.

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