Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairman Michael Steele makes his remarks during a Republican National Committee Winter Meeting in Oxon Hill, Md., Friday, Jan. 14, 2011. (AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta)

Michael Steele: The Senate GOP Will Be Embracing Ted Cruz Once Judge Moore Shows Up

STEELE: “Yeah, that’s a — welcome to the third ring of the circus. I mean, this is — this is going to be a very dynamic time here in this town. And I think Steve hits it right on the button, when you look at what happened tonight, you look at the — the early threats against Flake, for example, this pretends a sea change for the Senate. The Senate has always said we are not the House.”
JACKSON: “Right.”
STEELE: “Guess what, baby? You’re about to get a little piece of the House.” (Laughter)
JACKSON: “They kind of had that a little bit, right, when looking at some of the folks, getting back to the —“
STEELE: “Yeah, but Ted Cruz —“
JACKSON: “— the prior days of Ted Cruz.” [crosstalk] STEELE: “Exactly.”
JOHNSON: “He — he’s going to be a kitty cat.”
STEELE: “The Senate Republicans are going to be embracing Ted Cruz after Moore shows up. Trust me on this one.”
JOHNSON: “I also think in many ways this is Trump [indecipherable]. I mean, it’s not like —“
JACKSON: “Yeah.”
JOHNSON: “— every senator and congressman wasn’t asked about a litany of things, Trump would say —“
JACKSON: “Right. Now it’s going to be —“ [crosstalk] JOHNSON: “So think that aspect is being overplayed. And what really is a big deal is what these guys do when they get elected, and their — their votes actually can’t be counted on in a Senate Republican caucus.”
JACKSON: “And you’re already seeing that.”

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