First Lady Michelle Obama takes the stage during the first day of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia , Monday, July 25, 2016. (AP Photo/Paul Sancya)

Michelle Obama Is The Story of the Night

The crowd came and booed. They jeered and chanted. They tried to disrupt. The Bernie supporters could not be placated. They disrupted every speech, even the speech of their goddess, Pocahontas on the Charles. But when Michelle Obama took the stage, the Democrats had unity.

For Republicans who pride themselves on being the party of the family, Michelle Obama stood up as the one and only wife happily married to the President with two charming daughters contrasting with a man of multiple wives and numerous affairs.

And Michelle Obama made a positive case for Hillary Clinton, even though she is purportedly not a Hillary Clinton fan. She passively made swipes at Donald Trump. She praised her husband. She made a case for America that was not bleak or dour.

Whether I agree with Michelle Obama or not, and I don’t, her speech was masterful and masterfully done. It could be the advertising campaign for Hillary Clinton. It brought calm to a chaotic convention. She was charming, graceful, and had a commanding stage presence.

Had Michelle Obama put her name into the hat in Philly tonight, she’d leave on Thursday as the party’s nominee for President. Instead, she’s with Hillary Clinton and because of her speech a whole heck of a lot of people not with Hillary going into Philly will be with Hillary going out.

She deserves to be the story of the night.

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