Michigan Farmer Prohibited From Selling Apples Because He Opposes Same Sex Marriage

The other day I linked to this incredible article chronicling the totalitarian encroachments against freedom in Great Britain as gay marriage advances there. Christians, for example, are prohibited from adopting children in Great Britain now unless they accept same-sex marriage. I figured we had a decade or more before we got to that point in this country, but I was wrong.

In Michigan, a Marine veteran turned farmer has been prohibited from selling apples in a farmers market in East Lansing because he opposes same sex marriage.

This is what Christians are in for in this country. The constitution says that we all have “free exercise” of our religion, meaning we can act in civic society based on our beliefs. But the Supreme Court, with the support of the left, says that the plain meaning of the constitution is not so. Instead, we can only believe things, but even then, like in this case, those beliefs may not be made public.

This again is why Christians have an obligation to keep speaking up. The left intends to use silence and bullying to drive people of faith out of the conversation. They are not coming for you, but for your children. They hope that by your silence they can convince your children no one agrees with you.

You will be made to care, one way or the other.

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