Microsoft sued over Windows Vista marketing

I think the bigger story here is that someone was stupid enough to believe Microsoft.

A lawsuit alleges that Microsoft Corp. engaged in deceptive practices by letting PC makers promote computers as “Windows Vista Capable” even if they couldn’t run the new operating system’s “signature” features.

Oh, and how are these things “signature” features when they were ripped off the Mac OS X operating system?

Machines carrying “Windows Vista Capable” stickers included those that only met the requirements for Windows Vista Home Basic — which lacks the “Aero” on-screen appearance, Media Center PC interface, Flip 3D window-switching and other features available in advanced Windows Vista versions.

Pfft. You know, the nice thing about the Mac is that you don’t have to upgrade nearly so much. I’ve got a Beige G3 tower than I could run OS X on just fine — 300 Mhz at that. It was slow, sure, the computer was old, but it ran just fine, didn’t get viruses, and did not crash.

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