Mike Huckabee Does Have Values, They’re Just For Sale…and Cheap

Mike Huckabee is really a shameful waste of talent. I’ve met him on several occasions and found him to be a humble, self-effacing man in person. He actually does have values, but doesn’t believe in them enough to stand on them publicly.

This is why the man knelt before Zod and handed his campaign over to Donald Trump before the first actual voter cast a caucus ballot in Iowa.

So now the former governor, whose main claim is that he took on the Clinton Machine (so what?), is reduced to attacking Senate candidates who are being dragged down by the S.S. Trumptanic.

At least one conservative remembers how the S.S. Hucktanic sunk, on radio (and on TV, and in presidential politics–twice!).

Joe Cunningham related the sad tale of Huck’s attempt to overcome Rush Limbaugh on talk radio. It was about as successful as his attempt to take on Donald Trump.

See, the “wimps and wusses” who fled Limbaugh’s show were given a home by Huckabee, the self-styled “reasonable” conservative. Fast foward to this general election cycle, and we see that someone who is far more outrageous than Limbaugh ever could be is running for president, and people don’t like him. Those people, to Huckabee, many of them the same moderate Republicans who found what Limbaugh said distasteful, are “wimps and wusses.”

Huckabee’s daughter works for Trump, and the former Arkansas governor has done nothing but disgrace his Christian witness by prostrating himself before the little orange god.

At the end of all this, nobody is going to take Mike seriously. Nobody. That’s a shame, because Huckabee’s values are worth more than the cheap sale price he sold them for.

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