Mike Huckabee’s free election gift for your kids

The election is around the corner, and regardless of whom you’re supporting, I’m certain you’re thinking about how the new president will impact the country for your children and/or grandchildren.  But what are kids thinking about the election?  Do they even know what’s going on?
As the future voters of America, it’s important for children to learn how the election works.  Sure, schools may teach them about voting and even hold mock elections, but few kids learn what they need to know about the election process (from the moment a candidate announces his or her candidacy, to the moment he or she is elected).
That’s why the film, Election Day: Choosing Our President, from Mike Huckabee’s Learn Our History is such a great find—it teaches kids about the entire process, and the best part is that it’s free (see here).  Why not order your free copy for the kids in your life?

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