Mike Jacobs Bringing Up Water Issues

In 2004, Democrat Mike Jacobs introduced legislation to require retrofitting of old plumbing fixtures to new water efficient fixtures. In an email he writes, “This ‘retrofit at resale’ legislation stirs up a hornet’s nest of opposition because it’s heavy-handed and selective in who it impacts.”

This coming year, he’s going to reintroduce the legislation, hopefully making it less heavy handed. From his email:

will introduce two bills for the 2008 legislative session designed to create incentives for retrofitting old plumbing fixtures. One will be an income tax credit, although the amount of the credit will need to be ironed out. The other will add water-efficient products to the current sales tax holiday for energy-efficient products.

Hopefully we all can agree that retrofitting old plumbing fixtures is something that needs to happen. I would hate to see us come out of the 2008 legislative session without having passed anything that spurs retrofitting, and only having generated a lot of rancor over the “retrofit at resale” legislation.

We live in an old house that still has a 5 gallon toilet. But you know what? I replaced mine in my bathroom (separate bathrooms: the key to a long and happy marriage) with a 1 gallon toilet and I like it soooo much better. The water jets out with more force, fills up quicker, and I think does a better job.

But my plumber loves the 5 gallon one. He tells me you can still get them in Canada.

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