Indiana Gov, Mike Pence formally announces his reelection campaign in Indianapolis, Thursday, June 18, 2015. Pence, whose status as a national star among conservatives was battered by an outcry over the state's new religious objections law, was launching his re-election campaign Thursday by trying to focus on the state's economy and improving schools. (AP Photo/Michael Conroy)

Mike Pence Endorses Nobody At All

The lower half of the Trumppence ticket is “endorsing all GOP congressional incumbents who are seeking re-election,” ABC News reported Thursday.

A spokesman says Mike Pence is endorsing all GOP congressional incumbents who are seeking re-election even as Donald Trump hesitates to support several of the party’s most prominent members of Congress.

The mass endorsement is the latest attempt by Pence to smooth over turmoil within the Republican Party stirred by Trump in recent days.

Announcing a blanket endorsement is like endorsing nobody at all. Especially when the Boss said that Pence asked for his permission to endorse Speaker Ryan.

Pence needed Trump’s blessing to endorse the Speaker of the House, who offered his unqualified support to Cheeto Jesus, while Trump did a shout-out to Ryan’s primary opponent, the nutjob Paul Nehlen.

Pence’s phony endorsement of everybody has got to be the cheapest, weakest sham since Trump’s last comment about anything at all.

When Trump loses in an enormous landslide in November (absent some deus ex-machina), and the entire GOP infrastructure collapses, don’t blame us. We’ve known all along.

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