Indiana Gov, Mike Pence formally announces his reelection campaign in Indianapolis, Thursday, June 18, 2015. Pence, whose status as a national star among conservatives was battered by an outcry over the state's new religious objections law, was launching his re-election campaign Thursday by trying to focus on the state's economy and improving schools. (AP Photo/Michael Conroy)

Mike Pence Should Now Endorse Ted Cruz

Mike Pence, Indiana’s Governor up for re-election this year, has sat on the sidelines in Campaign 2016 refusing to endorse anyone.

Anyone who knows Mike Pence knows he finds Donald Trump’s campaign abhorrent. But still he has not wanted to get in the middle of Cruz vs. Kasich.

Now that Kasich and Cruz have cut a deal and Kasich is going to leave Indiana for Cruz, Mike Pence should endorse Cruz.

Having Pence come on board now will help the rest of the Indiana GOP consolidate behind Cruz. Cruz needs that to make up the difference with Trump. It makes Pence a solid influence player at a time his influence is most needed.

Mike Pence should come out quickly and decisively for Ted Cruz and set the Indiana GOP in motion to stop Donald Trump.

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