Mike Pence’s In-furry-ating Day

Allergies aside, pets seem to be one of the last unifying themes on social media.  Cat videos and dog pictures abound across political divisions.  In that theme, Vice President Pence and his wife Karen are welcoming two new icons of this bipartisanship in the forms of Hazel and Harley.  Hazel is a beautiful grey kitten while Harley is a black and white dog.  It was announced Sunday via Karen Pence’s Twitter:



Acquired during a trip back home to Indiana, they will be joining the Vice President and his wife in their residence at the Naval Observatory.  They are replacing a beagle named, Maverick, and a cat named Oreo, who each died within the last nine months. 

They will meet two new friends already in the Pences’ home – a cat named, Pickles, and a bunny named, Marlon Bundo.  No word yet on whether that bunny was ever a contender.  Although with two cats in the house, he may need to be.

The pictures indicate Hazel and Harley are already feeling right at home.  With no pets currently in Donald Trump’s White House, these four furry creatures are now the most powerful four-legged leaders in the land. 

In light of the recent Congressional shooting, rampant recriminations, and general Shakespearian tragedy, it is nice to see a little innocence in D.C. – if only for a moment. 

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