Soldiers Have Been Spared Mandatory Transgender Training – For Now

One of the Obama Administration’s toxic legacies is a transgender military policy that was scheduled to take effect on Friday.  As noted by its critics, that policy requires:

  • Approving medically-unnecessary surgeries, at taxpayer expense, along with harmful and unproven hormone replacement;
  • Addressing gender-confused soldiers “identifying” as the opposite sex by false gender;
  • pronouns and false gender titles (e.g., he, him, his; she, her, hers; “Sir” or “Ma’am”);
  • Requiring female soldiers (and vice versa) to sleep, shower and perform private bodily functions in the presence of members of the opposite biological sex;
  • Forcing female soldiers to observe the male genitals (and vice versa) of “transgender” soldiers providing urine samples;
  • Breaking down good order and discipline by permitting “transgender” soldiers to engage in public cross-dressing while off-duty;
  • Complying with ludicrous fictions like “pregnant male Soldiers” or “female Soldier prostate exams.”

Earlier this month, Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin (Ret.) called out Defense Secretary James Mattis for not promptly scrapping the policy: “I thought [Mattis’] total focus would be on military readiness and winning wars, and not social engineering.” Boykin argued further that “Not one minute of preparation time should be squandered on social experiments.” Mattis has since kicked the can down the road for six months.

Conservatives such as Boykin rightly condemn the waste of military resources resulting from indulging the mental disorders of men who think they’re women and vice versa.

But, as a group of soldiers and civilian employees at Fort Benning recognize, the Pentagon’s transgender policy raises an even more important issue. They and their attorneys at Liberty Counsel, a non-profit legal advocacy group specializing in First Amendment issues, recently demanded a religious-based exemption from the Pentagon’s proposed abomination:

The Soldiers and civilians who have contacted Liberty Counsel subscribe to Christian belief as set forth in the Bible, that God created humans male and female; that sex is innate, and unchangeable; and that their faith prohibits them from seeing or being seen in a state of undress, and from sleeping, showering or performing private bodily functions with members of the opposite sex who are not their spouse.

Liberty Counsel and its clients have courageously invoked religious liberty rather than just budgetary constraints for opposing the military’s transgender agenda. And this time of year is as good as any to advance the cause of liberty.

But their efforts lack one important characteristic of the Spirit of ’76. We celebrate the Declaration of Independence in part because it is the greatest statement of political philosophy ever written. But we also celebrate it because of the courage of those who did the declaring 241 years ago. They knew the British would have executed them had the Revolution failed. Once they signed on the dotted line, there was no turning back. They signed anyway, and pledged their fates to each other and, ultimately, to God.

Liberty Counsel’s letter persuasively explains its clients’ assertion that participating in transgenderism’s lies would make them accomplices to sin. But the letter doesn’t identify the clients. Hopefully, they’re on record and publicly identified in some other fashion because anonymity begets cold feet. Once Obama’s transgender policy is finally implemented, any of the clients who are secret-agent Christians can simply go with the flow, something they’d have a much harder time doing if they went public now with their religious objections.

Fort Benning’s Christians are not the only ones having to contemplate choosing faith over military orders when the two conflict, as they increasingly do in a military mirroring civilian America’s slouch towards Gomorrah. It’s a choice Lance Corporal Monifa Sterling had to make.  More will have to do so.  Indeed, Jesus commands all believers to prioritize Him over all else in this world.

Transgenderism will be fully embraced by the military sooner or later, because even if President Trump resists the perversion lobby, President Kamala Harris, or President Elizabeth Warren, or any other future Democratic president (and there will be one), will not.

The courts will not come to the rescue. Civilian courts almost never exercise jurisdiction over military policies. And, as I’ve previously written, the U.S. Court of Military Appeals takes a very narrow view of the religious rights.

Believers stationed at Fort Benning, and everywhere else, will be made to care, and made to choose. Just like Jack Phillips and other civilian believers. As Paul made clear, that’s what all of us, civilian and soldier, signed up for when we enlisted in the Lord’s Army.

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