Mississippi BANS Sanctuary Cities For Illegal Immigrants

Yesterday afternoon, Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant (a Republican) signed into a law a bill passed by an overwhelming majority of the state legislature to ban sanctuary cities that would protect illegal immigrants from federal prosecution.

The signature comes after Trump’s recent immigration-related executive orders and on the same day that newly appointed Attorney General Jeff Sessions from neighboring Alabama held a press conference to give an update on his office’s efforts in cracking down on illegal immigration. Back in 2010, the city of Jackson, MS, passed an ordinance that prevents police officers from asking anyone about their immigration status – effectively creating a sanctuary state for illegal immigrants. This bill not only reverses that ordinance, but prevents any other cities from passing similar ordinances.

Governor Bryant, who endorsed Ted Cruz in the primary but served as a campaign surrogate for Donald Trump in the general election, was quoted as saying “The President said these jurisdictions have caused immeasurable harm to the American people and to the very fabric of the Republican.”

A crackdown on illegal immigration was one of the main rallying cries of Trump and most Republican candidates in 2016, and the issue is credited to be one of the driving factors behind Trump’s surprise win last November.

According to the Pew Research Center, Mississippi had about 25,000 immigrants in 2014 that had entered the country illegally, and therefore could face deportation by AG Sessions’ office under President Trump.

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