Mississippi Is The Next Battle For Religious Freedom

Rob Hill is a Methodist pastor at Broadview United Methodist Church in Jackson, MS. He’s also the state director of Human Rights Watch, the Orwellian name for the LGBT group that places civil special rights for their victim class above God-given rights of conscience.

Hill went on CNN with Don Lemon to tell us that “religious freedom” (using scare quotes) is just a code-word for discrimination.

LEMON: Religious liberty — is that just a code for discrimination? I don’t want to provide services to certain people? Isn’t that just a code, Rob?

ROB HILL, MISSISSIPPI STATE DIRECTOR, HUMAN RIGHTS CAMPAIGN: Yes, it is a code. We have robust protections for religious beliefs under the first amendment of the constitution. So people have the right to believe whatever they want to about God and practice their faith and I certainly treasure that as a person of faith, but never has the first amendment been used or been allowed to — it was not intended to be used as a way to deny somebody else their civil rights. If you work for the government, if you are paid by tax payers, then you need to do your job. And if you can’t do your job, you need to find something else to do.

LEMON: Listen, this allows people, again, people in certain provisions, wouldn’t have to serve certain people, which at its base is discrimination. DJ’s, photographers, videographers, poets, it also says employers and school administrators would also be allowed to dictate access to bathrooms, spas, locker rooms, and other intimate facilities and settings in the bill. Clerks and their deputies would be provided a process for recusing themselves from licensing marriage licenses, and judges and magistrates and justices of the peace and deputies would be given a similar process. Didn’t we go through this last in Indiana? Didn’t we go through this last year in Kentucky? And the Supreme Court says, no, you cannot do that. It is discrimination.

Lay aside the fact that Lemon, who alternates between being a useful and effective journalist and being a total jackass, assumed the jackass position in this interview. Lemon is totally wrong. No, RFRA language does not allow DJ’s, photographers, videographers, poets (?) to refuse service to “certain people.” On the contrary, it permits them to refuse to participate in a religious rite which violates their conscience or faith.

As for dictating access to bathrooms, spas, locker rooms, etc., what a ridiculous claim. The Supreme Court has ruled no such thing about discrimination, in Indiana, North Carolina, or anywhere else that language exists.

And here’s Hall, compassionate pastor, reminding his flock that they need to stay out of government and the public square. While he “treasures” the right (where did that right come from?) to practice faith, he thinks it should be confined to places where his real flock, the under 100,000 LGBT population in a state of 3 million people, don’t rule the roost.

Even then, Hall believes that if two (or more?) LGBT people want to use a Mississippi church to have their wedding, pastors should have no “right” (again, these rights come from people, not God) to refuse.

Hall is a sham of a Christian pretending to lead a church, likely full of people who claim the name Christian but lack one shred of evidence revealing their belief in the authority of Scripture, the supremacy of God, or the fear of the Lord.

In short: They are not Christians.

This morning I am praying for Hill and his flock. I am praying for all who are deceived by the notion that Man is in control of what rights we have. The American form of government is almost unique in its recognition that God gives rights to Men, equally, directly, and without favoritism or a “divine right of kings.”

I pray that while Christians should properly be compassionate and loving to gays and lesbians, transgenders and bisexual people, we should stand on the truth, and the truth alone. I hope and pray that the citizens and lawmakers in Mississippi will not cave in to the pressure that cracked Gov. Deal in Georgia. Amen.

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