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Mitch McConnell’s Mediocre Expectations

If the 115th Congress of these here United States had a mascot, it would have to be shrugging emoji guy.  I mean, with the GOP firmly in control of both houses and a Republican in the White House to boot, how else can you explain their curious lack of progress on anything that resembles a conservative agenda?  Besides, the consultants are probably getting tired of coming up with new excuses for the same old failures anyway.  Perhaps it’s time to give them all a rest and try some honesty for a change.

Can’t strip funding for Planned Parenthood out of the federal budget?


Obamacare repeal falls flat on its face even though you’ve been campaigning on it for seven whole years?


How about funding for the border wall?


Um…tax reform?


Okey-dokey, then.

Until such time as that happens, though, it’s a good thing we have Mitch McConnell around to keep us from getting too excited.  Just the other day, the esteemed Senate majority leader and all-around congressional cabana boy was gave a speech to some Rotarians in his home state of Kentucky during which he offered yet another reason for the GOP’s seeming electoral dysfunction:

“Our new president, of course, has not been in this line of work before,” said McConnell according to CNN affiliate WCPO which covered the event. “I think he had excessive expectations about how quickly things happen in the democratic process.”

McConnell made the case that the Congress is working as it should and that voters should allow the process to play itself out before passing judgment.

“Part of the reason I think people think we’re under-performing is because of too many artificial deadlines unrelated to the reality of the legislature which may have not been understood.”

Yeah, I too remember the heat of the campaign season, when Republicans everywhere were promising to take a wrecking ball to the Obama agenda.  “Just vote for us,” they pleaded, whipping those voters into a frenzy, “and we’ll get everything fixed!  Just as soon as we can get around to it.”

Inspiring, Mitch.  Really inspiring.

But is that really the message you want to send?  I know you’ve been out of the private sector for a while, but out here in the real world you get judged by your results–and so far, you really don’t have much to show.  What’s worse, you don’t seem that ruffled about it, either.  That’s what makes a lot of us feel like you’re just dragging your feet, and not really all that interested in a conservative agenda.

Because when 2018 rolls around, and you’re wondering why GOP voters aren’t showing up, we just might be tempted to respond the way you taught us.


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