Mitch McConnell has just dropped a bomb on Senator Reid.

Earlier today, Senator Reid refused to allow a vote on several Republican amendments to the 9/11 Commission bill that would have actually made us more secure as a nation. Senator McConnell’s response was to introduce the world to the concept of Mitchslapping.

Senator McConnell just lumped all the separate amendments into one amendment and filed for cloture. So now all those Democrats who were complaining about the GOP continuing to debate the war in Iraq at the expense of the troops will have to defend continuing to debate the 9/11 Commission report at the expense of the safety of the American people.

The McConnell amendment will:

  • Make it a crime to recruit people to commit a terrorist act.
  • Authorize the immediate deportation of suspected terrorists whose visas are revoked on terrorism grounds.
  • Prevent the release of dangerous illegal immigrants whose home countries delay their return to their home country.
  • Make it a crime to encourage terrorism by rewarding the families of suicide bombers after the bombings take place. This is not a crime under current law.
  • Increases penalties for those who call families of soldiers serving overseas and falsely claim that their family member has been killed.

Let’s now watch to see if the Democrats are more interested in unionizing the TSA than actually protecting the American people.

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