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  • Is Romney Pro-life or Pro-choice? If he’s Pro-choice, then the lesser of two evils, I guess one could say, would be Guillani since he is a proven leader. One could hope that both men could be led to change their minds about their stand on Pro-Choice. What would it take?

  • Should have listened to Erick’s interview with Romney at RedState.com. Romney says he is as of two years ago, Pro-Life and says he won’t change that stand. I hope Erick will interview Gulliani soon.

  • I want to believe Romney when he says he is now Pro-Life, but I can’t help but see it as a little too convenient. He ran as a pro-choice candidate when he needed the more liberal votes in Massachusetts, but now that he needs the support of the national base he’s pro-life? What would stop him from changing his stance again?

    I would, of course, support him if he gets the nomination, as there are too many other important issues at hand not to do so. However, this is a very important issue to me, and I need some assurance that he will actively seek to end this sick institution.

    More importantly, I need to know that he has the character to consistently stand for what he believes. What makes George W such a great leader is his consistency of character, and the last thing we need in office right now is a waffler.

  • >the only one in the race is Mitt Romney

    Doesn’t George Allen’s tenure as Governor of Virginia count??!!

    He ended his tenure there with very high approval and, remember, Virginia term limits their governors to 1 term.