Protestors rally during a Black Lives Matter demonstration, Sunday, July 10, 2016, in Cincinnati. More than a thousand protested against the shootings of black men by police officers. (AP Photo/John Minchillo)

Mixing Race and Politics in Professional Sports

Adults gifted with special physical talents are often handsomely rewarded for their skills playing games that most of us stopped playing after high school.

Even athletes considered to have mediocre talent when compared to their professional competition are paid significantly more than the average American family — the median household income in 2016 for an American family was a little more than $59, 000. Yet for some bizarre reason, a baseball player earning a half million dollars a year felt the need to kneel during our national anthem, because of what he described as racial inequality, in a country where the president for the last eight years was a black man.

Apparently few people understand that the origins and true purpose of the Black Lives Matter movement was to promote the agenda of a group of radical feminist lesbians by capitalizing on tragedies and calling them crimes. According to “Herstory” at the official BLM website, the perceived current leaders of BLM (Shaun King, for example) are actually pretenders:

When you design an event / campaign / et cetera based on the work of queer Black women, don’t invite them to participate in shaping it, but ask them to provide materials and ideas for next steps for said event, that is racism in practice.  It’s also hetero-patriarchal. Straight men, unintentionally or intentionally, have taken the work of queer Black women and erased our contributions.  Perhaps if we were the charismatic Black men many are rallying around these days, it would have been a different story, but being Black queer women in this society (and apparently within these movements) tends to equal invisibility and non-relevancy.

In essence, the Black Lives Matter movement has been based on lies and false impressions, perpetuating the myth that young black males are in constant danger of being murdered by the police. Trayvon Martin was not murdered. According to Florida law, he was legally killed in self defense by a Hispanic man that the media claimed was a “white” Hispanic. Likewise, Michael Brown was not murdered by Officer Darren Wilson; he was shot in self defense. Yet these are the lies on which the Black Lives Matter movement was founded. Had there been the slightest impropriety in either legal case, the Obama Justice Department led by Eric Holder would have crucified the accused.

The purpose of this “movement” is clearly to foment racial tensions and to undermine the police, making them hesitate when a split-second decision might cost a law enforcement officer their own life. Most disturbingly, criminals are being treated as martyrs.

Yes, there have been a few examples of police brutality caught on film — Rodney King comes to mind. There are even a few incidents where the police arguably murdered an innocent civilian, or at least shot a civilian by accident, mistaking them for a criminal. However, every law enforcement officer in uniform also has the right to make it safely home to his or her family at the end of the workday.

As Chris Rock suggested years ago in this humorous “educational” video, if you haven’t done anything wrong, the wisest course of action is to cooperate fully with the police.


Alleged BLM leader Shaun King recently called for a boycott of the NFL during a season in which games have already been played to half-empty stadiums. More fans attended the college football game between the USC Trojans and Texas Longhorns than went to the games of two NFL teams combined. In a way, I feel some measure of sympathy for professional ballplayers like former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick and rookie baseball player Bruce Maxwell. They have been manipulated into believing lies that will ultimately cause great economic harm to the very businesses that can afford to pay their exorbitant salaries. These people are killing their own careers.

In this brilliant interview with Dave Rubin, Larry Elder used statistics to expose the lies on which the Black Lives Matter movement was founded.

Elder: “Give me the most blatant racist example you can come up with, right now.”

Rubin: “Um, I think you could probably find evidence that in general, cops are more willing to shoot if the perpetrator is black than white.”

Elder: “What’s your data? What’s your basis for saying that? Last year…”

Rubin: “Well look, I know a lot of people who would say, look at what’s going on in Chicago…”

Elder: “I know what they would say, but I’m talking about what the facts are — 965 people were shot by cops last year and killed. Four percent of them were white cops shooting unarmed blacks. In Chicago, in 2011, twenty-one people were shot and killed by cops. In 2015, there were seven. In Chicago, which is one third black, one third white, and one third Hispanic, seventy percent of the homicides are black on black. About forty per month, almost five hundred per year in Chicago, and seventy-five percent of them are unsolved. Where is the Black Lives Matter on that? The idea that a racist white cop is shooting unarmed black people is a peril to black people, is B.S.”

Professional athletes have the same right to protest as every other American citizen. However, they should keep in mind that their fans are more likely to be proud American citizens as not, and their actions will inevitably have consequences. A lot of their fans earn a lower income per family than some of these players make for playing (or even riding the bench) in one game. It’s noble to risk one’s livelihood in support a worthy cause, but to perpetuate a lie is neither noble or intelligent. Statistics don’t lie. Only four percent of the homicides by cops were committed by white officers shooting unarmed black civilians, while seventy percent of murdered blacks were killed by other blacks.

That’s not what the people involved with Black Lives Matter want you to believe, though. And as long as they can prey on public figures who are easy to manipulate, they will continue to have success inspiring racial hatred and irrational fears.

Black lives do matter. Of course, white lives matter just as much — no more, and no less. In fact, all lives matter — and that obviously includes the lives of police as well.

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