Mollie Hemingway is Right and the New York Times is Wrong

The New York Times claims a Trump Administration official said it would be “impossible” to still hold a summit with North Korea on June 12. President Trump took to Twitter to blast the New York Times. In turn, the New York Times’ reporters raced to Twitter to defend their reporting and criticize the President.

One reporter went so far as to out the background source by producing the audio of the background briefing. Needless to say that is something the New York Times would have never done against the Obama Administration.

At the Federalist, Mollie Hemingway took the time to listen to the recording that the New York Times claims proves its report of “impossible.” Turns out, it doesn’t. As Mollie notes, the White House staffer makes it clear that it would be very difficult to conduct the summit on June 12, but never rules it out or says it would be impossible.

This is a case of reporters hearing what they think to be true when it is not what is said. Mollie Hemingway has it exactly right.

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