Executive producer Harvey Weinstein participates in the "War and Peace" panel at the A&E 2016 Winter TCA on Wednesday, Jan. 6, 2016, in Pasadena, Calif. (Photo by Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP)

Monsters Among Us

“Well, he’s a private citizen,” say progressives who think there is a big difference between Harvey Weinstein and Donald Trump. That was also the excuse a New York Times editor used to kill the story several years ago as claims of abuse piled up.

Republicans can legitimately counter that Democrats first turned a blind eye when a series of women came forward claiming Bill Clinton sexually assaulted them. He was President of the United States and leftwing interest groups defended him to the hilt because his power was their power. In the same way, Donald Trump’s power is the GOP’s power now and they will defend him.

In the same way, much of Hollywood is now making excuses for Weinstein, being quiet, and lots of Democrats are keeping his money. One need not look far for counter examples of the media and left’s behavior. From Roger Ailes to Bill O’Reilly, the mere hint of impropriety was enough to demand scalps — demands now made by many of the people noticeably silent about Weinstein

The tit for tat, though, does not matter. What matters is that there are monsters all around us and each tribe has a vested interest in protecting their monsters when, instead, they should be turning on the lights and exposing them. It is never pleasant, but it would have been far more pleasant for the Catholic Church had it exposed the abusers instead of letting the body count pile up as it shuffled deck chairs. The same is true of Hollywood.

Matt Damon, one reporter alleges, intervened to stop the report on Harvey Weinstein that the New York Times did first scuttle in the name of him being a private citizen. What will be the repercussions for Damon? He is not alone.

And the truth is that though the left has several people on the right they will hold up as equivalents, few of them had the access, connections, and power of Weinstein. Even Trump arguably has less power than Weinstein from a few years ago. Sure, the man may be able to launch nukes, but the moral authority of the Presidency to do anything is all but gone and his administration leaks like the Titanic with a press ready to lap it all up to undermine him.

The silence around Weinstein and about Weinstein is noticeable.

But beyond the blame game there is this — both sides should clean up their own houses. The left, as it grows increasingly secular and amoral, is going to have a harder and harder time policing itself. Just look at the moral relativism engaged even now of Roman Polanski and Woody Allen. The right, though, must police itself as well. There were plenty of reasons I refused to support the President’s election and his character was at the top of the list. Many pastors have lost credibility to call on anyone to repent because of their flirtation with President Trump’s power. But their lost credibility has extended to many others. The same will hold true of the left.

All sides want access to power and will apologize for and cover for power. One of the coming hallmarks of a Christian in America, I think, will be their willingness to speak boldly to power instead of covering for it. As many cultural Christians more and more reflect the world of which they are apart, those of us who put our faith first must be willing to speak up against power and to power, even at risk of our fame and fortune. We should look distinctly different from the world.

In the world, there are monsters. We need more dragon slayers.

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