Monsters Are Real: Vicious Torture of a Man in Chicago With Taunts About Trump

There have been a lot of supposed hate crimes since Donald Trump’s election. We know many of them were faked or staged. No one pulled off a hijab from a muslim woman in Donald Trump’s name, for example. The arsonist who burned down a church after spray painting pro-Trump graffiti on it turned out to be from that church. But this one appears to be legitimate and awful.

A white, special needs man in Chicago was tortured by several black people with one of the monsters saying “Tell him to say, ‘F–k Donald Trump.”

The man was burned with cigarettes, he was scalped, and he was beaten. The monsters live streamed it on Facebook and

Four people — two adult males and two adult females — are now in custody, and criminal charges are expected. It’s too soon to say whether the suspects would be charged with kidnapping or a hate crime, authorities said.

Monsters are alive and well. I can only hope people turn to their better angels in responding to stuff like this.

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