More Confirmation that Mike Pence Privately Hates Donald Trump

In explaining on Tuesday why religious liberty-botching antihero Mike Pence “sacrifice[d] all [his] remaining integrity at the altar of the orange god-king,” I noted a rather curious tidbit of information from the National Review in the intense build-up to the all-important Indiana primary.

Cruz would love to lock down Pence’s endorsement, knowing that the governor’s network could lend him a significant organizational edge in the state—just as Scott Walker’s did in Wisconsin.  But sources say Pence—who loathes Trump, according to longtime friends who have spoken with the governor about the GOP front-runner—nonetheless has deep concerns about wading into the presidential race amid his own fight for re-election.

Pence, of course, ended up giving the worst presidential endorsement in the history of presidential endorsements, wherein he purportedly “endorsed” constitutionalist Ted Cruz but said a lot of awfully nice things about anti-constitutionalist demagogue Donald J. Trump.  If Pence actually had the courage of his convictions—if he actually privately “loathes” Trump, as National Review reported—then he would have been able to just flat-out endorse Cruz, no matter the perceived political blowback.  Right?

Well, it turns out National Review was not wrong about Pence’s private convictions regarding the narcissistic vulgarian.  Romney advisor and conservative foreign policy expert Dan Senor just tweeted out this bombshell.

So there we have it.  The GOP’s vice presidential nominee actually privately hates the GOP’s presidential nominee.  Let the rumor mill start swirling about why Pence was even interested in this job in the first place; my own speculation is simply that Pence realizes how catastrophically unpopular he currently is in Indiana, and that he very well might lose his reelection race this fall.

Not only does Pence apparently privately hate Trump, but he also has serious substantive differences with the orange-hued clown.  Pence, of course, has long supported “touchback amnesty,” which Trump sometimes seems to support and sometimes seems to oppose, depending on what comes out of his mouth on a given day ending in -y.  Pence also had this to say, last December, about Trump’s signature “ban all Muslims” proposal:

Finally, to really make this sting, apparently Trump had second thoughts late last night and tried to wiggle out of the Pence pick before realizing it was too late.  As Erick already noted, apparently this actually happened:

Well done, Republican primary voters and Rules Committee establishmentarians.  Every single thing about this operation is an unmitigated disaster, but it is apparently the disaster that you wanted.

For those of us who do not want to be complicit in this ideological, moral, and political disaster, remember what I wrote the morning after the Indiana primary: we happy conservative warriors will endure through these dark times.  We are the Resistance.

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