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The Telgraph has up the details now.

Bibb County commissioners declined Friday morning to sign off on an agreement that details the flow of millions in federal money to the City of Macon’s work force development programs.

Commissioners said they either want more power to appoint work force board members and control spending or they want to be relieved of liabilities in the contract.

As it stands now, Macon Mayor Jack Ellis holds that power and, as commissioner Joe Allen said, “I can’t vote for something that’s going to give the mayor that kind of power.”

The effect of this decision wasn’t immediately clear, but work force office director Lori Howard said it won’t affect funding for work force programs geared to train out-of-work residents. Georgia Department of Labor officials have been contacted for confirmation.

However, the real fireworks took place after the meeting. Allen said Ellis called him after the vote, called him a bigot and threatened to “kick my a–.”

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  • I advise all concerned citizens of Macon to write to Senator Chambliss, Senator Isakson and Congressman Marshall and any other Georgia elected official in the United States Government and request that any federal funds that flows straight to the Macon Government to be suspended until the Federal investigation is complete in this town.

  • Don’t try and suspend the funds, that is like cutting off your nose because of the smell. Just make sure it the funds are earmarked for certain projects and can not be miss spent or miss used. I will be relying on the work force office for training after B&W closes adnt hese funds are very important for retraining the laid off employees.

  • Dear Shawn,

    I do not want to see anyone at B&W not get the help that is needed for developing skills and obtaining help in career development. Unfortunately, I do not know anyone in Macon that I trust with one dime of grant money. It is going to be a beauracratic mess, as B&W is putting a great deal of money in the program that is supposed to be for you and other employees. Or perhaps, I should now say RJR. If you could possibley talk to RJR officias, it could possibley be that the funds that RJR is going to contribute could be divided between the employees that are not able to get full retirement or whatever plan could be worked out. It may be to late to change the financial part of this Workforce Development money, but I cannot stand to see all of these people hired to get salaries for basically doing nothing. The employees are the ones that deserve the money. Best wishes to you and the other employeess. Just remember that 90% of small businesses fail within the first five years of operation.

    Make sure if you go in business for yourself that you (as a former professor always said) that you PLAN TO PLAN TO PLAN! Do what you no best and remember that Location is what matters, too.

  • I have taught all day today, and I must be too tired to post because I see I made many grammaticial and spelling errors. Sorry. Hope you can read it. LJP