More on the Rumor

Instead of adding another update to this rumor, here’s what I’m being told now.

First and again — this is all a rumor, but it’s worth blogging about considering this is major buzz at the Capitol today, it appears that pictures and possibly videotape exist. But, it’s not what you’re thinking. What I’m told is that the Speaker and the other person in question were at an event together and there are pictures of them together at that event. Several folks say that it would be out of place for the other person to be there, but for the Speaker being there. It’s kind of like this shot of President Clinton and Monica Lewinsky. It was a legitimate event that they both happened to be at — nothing nefarious. The problem, of course, is that people started to put names and faces together and allegations were swirling with innuendo that may or may not be true — but its salacious so all the reporters were hoping there was a there there. And there was.

Now the reporters want it to be true in this case. I get the impression that were there actual, legitimate news stories to report on right now, this would be going nowhere. But when reporters get bored, they try to create news.

I’m told that the various reporters who cover the Capitol are pushing each other hard to run the story. The AJC won’t run a story without photographic proof, or a story that someone in the GOP is going to challenge the Speaker, in which case they would use this as the reason explaining the challenge.

Now, let me put it to you this way — a whole lot of very powerful Democrats in the General Assembly has girlfriends and the AJC never did a big story when they were in charge. Several of them, to borrow a line from a friend, had more girlfriends after they were married and in the General Assembly than before they were married. The AJC did nothing on them.

So why now? I can only speculate that there is some level of partisanship involved were this to move forward — especially considering the basis for the story is so dumb — the Speaker was photographed at a party and a woman was there. Holy crap! Yeah, that’s news.

I’m told this story is being referred to around the Capitol as “Bobby Kahn’s Parting Shot.”

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