More Proof That Donald Trump Really Wants Hillary Clinton to Get Elected

Many have noted this pattern before. Hillary Clinton has a terrible news cycle and Donald Trump makes sure to swallow his foot live on television to distract from that bad news.

Time and time again the media starts to focus on Clinton’s emails, Trump says something stupid or fires a staffer to distract from everything. But there are plenty of occasions as well where the media declares what Hillary Clinton is going to do and Trump tees up the event just perfectly for her.

It is a regular and sustained pattern and practice from Donald Trump.

Two days ago, the national political press announced that Hillary Clinton would, today, give a speech in Nevada about Donald Trump raising up the alt-right. It would be a speech about Trump inciting racial bigotry and hatred.

So what does Trump do?

Last night he calls Hillary Clinton a bigot. He goes completely off script and bashes Hillary as a bigot who does not care about blacks or hispanics.

That cues up her speech perfectly. It will double the press attention. It will allow her to respond. It’s just the perfect set up.

Again, I must ask a simple question: If Donald Trump wanted Hillary Clinton to win, what exactly would he do differently?

Nothing that I can think of.

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