More Storytelling Ads Like This From GOP Candidates, Please

One race to keep on your radar for next year–Election Cycle 2018– is the U.S. Senate race in Michigan. The seat is currently occupied by Democrat Debbie Stabenow. Several people have expressed interest in running against her on the GOP side. Rocker and Trump supporter Kid Rock has teased interest but has yet to announce.

But this ad from businessman and West Point graduate John James, who declared yesterday his intention to seek the office, is worthy of your consideration. The ad is called “Service”:

Although we don’t know this prospective candidate’s background yet, it appears he has conservative credentials to tout. He runs James Group International in Detroit, Michigan, with his father and brother. The company specializes in supply chains and logistics. Since James joined in 2012, he says the company added 100 jobs and grown annual revenues from $35 million to $137 million.

James, 36, is a resident of Farmington Hills and is a self-described “conservative Republican” per Detroit News. In that same interview with the prominent state paper, James said he’ll be the best candidate to challenge Stabenow given his experience in business and in service to the U.S. Army:

“I believe that we all want what’s best for Michigan, but given my experience creating jobs and my experience defending the country, I am the best candidate in the Republican Party and the best shot we have to defeat Debbie Stabenow,” James said.

The article also alludes to James’ military background. He graduated from West Point in 2004 and went to serve in Iraq in 2007 for Operation Iraqi Freedom, where he was a Ranger-qualified officer. He flew Apache helicopters and led two platoons.

It is also reported that James’ business partner and own father –a prominent Detroit businessman–donated $1,500 to Stabenow’s re-election bid in 2012.

In spite of his father’s conflicting views, James noted in that same interview he’s been a Republican since age 16 and a conservative his whole life. He also describes himself in the ad and in the interview as “pro-life,” “pro-business,” and “pro-Second Amendment.”

Moreover, James believes there should be more combat veterans serving in office. He added, “There’s not enough combat veterans in government “who understand the consequences of failed policies.”

Although James is a political newcomer, he has been previously aligned with Michigan Republican Gov. Rick Snyder, who launched his 2014 re-election campaign bid at James’ company in Detroit.  Earlier this year, Snyder appointed the West Point graduate to the Michigan Council on Future Mobility.

Thanks to his ad, our curiosity has certainly peaked! We at The Resurgent will keep a close eye on this race.


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