Morning tidbits from my desk: Pinocchiobama; Condi for Veep; McCain and the “C” word don’t hunt; Hannity & Colmes


1. RedState and Human Events have teamed up for a weekly column called “RedState Under the Radar.” A lot of our friends don’t read blogs, so they miss out on a lot of news the MSM won’t cover. Each week I’ll be highlighting RedState stories and other news from around the blogosphere that the MSM has failed to cover or cover accurately. The Pinocchiobama graphic goes with the debut column. At the end of each column, I’m going to cover topics from around the fifty states that state and local bloggers are focusing on.

2. Let me express my thoughts on Condi for Veep here. Condi is a truly spectacular woman. She is accomplished in so many areas. She is truly brilliant. And by all accounts, she is a very nice person. Additionally, she knows more about football than I ever will. To the best of my knowledge, Condi is also in favor of affirmative action, is pro-choice, and has failed to win the battle against the State Department bureaucracy. In fact, by all outward appearances, she has succumbed to the State Department — an organization Human Events listed this year as one of the most dangerous liberal groups in the nation. I could not support Condi for Veep any more than I could support Charlie Crist for Veep. As far as I am concerned, we must make our motto on McCain’s selection “No squishes allowed.”

3. Several “news” outlets are pushing a story coming from far left blogs about McCain’s personal life. He allegedly has a terrible temper in private when no one else is around except lefty fabulists and his wife. One allegation is that he called his wife the “c” word that rhymes with hunt. I myself have had a Ron Paul supporter call my house and call my wife that. Perhaps the lefty should have made sure there were no Ron Paul supporters in the room with him and Mr. & Mrs. McCain. I think this speaks volumes about Iraq. We’ve gone from lefty fabulists making up stories about the war atrocities they never actually committed to making up stories about John McCain’s personal life. The war must be going well. I wonder if the New Republic and New York Times will give these stories front page treatment like they did all the lefty fabulists fibbing about the war.

4. Fox News kindly sent a car last night to take me to my debut appearance on Hannity & Colmes. In all seriousness, the last four times I have gone to be on Fox I’ve been pre-empted by tornados, earthquakes, or other natural disasters. I made sure the family was safe and secure before attempting to go. It was a fun experience. I don’t really care for all the talking over and past each other, but I think I got my major point out: Obama has no experience on which to judge him. We must instead look to his judgment. In Obama’s judgment, it was just fine to befriend a terrorist leader of the Weather Underground and have Reverend Wright as his pastor. Let’s also not forget the Communist Harpy he married who only decided she was proud of her country when her husband decided to run for POTUS. This man has a tendency to surround himself with people who loath this country and the only positions on which he is firm are the one’s about which he is lying.

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