MoRons are restless

A good friend sent me this link.

I posted a polite response, pointing out much of the above. Within a day I was blocked from the RedState site, and now I cannot access the web page: my IP address was also blocked. I have since learned that it was Erick Erickson, Editor of RedState, who didn’t like it. Here is another, from “…we call Ron Paul supporters MoRons.”
I think Erick got a little antsy when I pointed out that Ron Paul posed a threat to the CFR/Neocon agenda, had millions of supporters, had done well in straw polls and was a towering internet presence. I also said that the CFR was clearly anxious about Dr. Paul, and all they could do was to stand on the sidelines and call him names, such as “pencil-head” or his supporters “MoRons.”

Hilarious. CFR/Neocon? Wow. That’s as intelligent as me writing KKK/RonPaul agenda.

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  • it’s a Constitution/Ron Paul Agenda

    I have seen the neocon sites where they call Ron Paul supporters childish names, must be because they really don’t know the issues, never took time to study and find out who is really in charge in D.C.

    Must not be aware most of the govt has been infiltrated by the traitors at C.F.R. whose main purpose is to destroy our constitution.

    Almost all the candidates are C.F.R.

    This is why washington says one thing and does another. Decisions made in secret C.F.R. meetings are ruining our way of life.