Moving the Ball Forward

&#8220I hear &#8216Nyet to war&#8217 is popular in Crawford right now.&#8221

While Cindy Sheehan and the blame America first crowd are ready to pull us out of Iraq and Afghanistan and declare our surrender to Osama, America seems to grow anxious.

Polling shows that Americans are dissatisfied with the President’s handling in Iraq. Listening to Rush Limbaugh today, I heard him say something that got me thinking. Trevino, here at RedState, has made a similar point of his own frustration.

The point is simple. Is it possible that Americans are frustrated with the war not because it’s time for us to come home, but rather because it seems like we really are not engaged in the war effort? I, like Trevino, Limbaugh, and many others fall on that side and I am inclined to believe others feel the same.

It is not that we are ready to throw in the towel. Rather we wish our leaders would give a collective “get on with the damn thing” and move the ball further down the field. In an internet age of instant results, it is typical to feel frustrated that something, like drafting a national constitution in a democratic fashion, is taking longer than right now. But, it is not typical in history to feel that way.

What is normal and typical in the historic aspect of this war and war in general, is to reach a lull, a stagnant place where it seems like we are not moving forward. As the Anchoress noted, there seemed to be so much progress being made in May. Now, nothing (though clearly a constitution is not nothing).

Part of that has to do with it being August. Everyone is out of D.C. The media is looking for some new angle and has a willing anti-war crowd willing to push a story as old as Vietnam, but pass it off as new, while every reporter wants to be the next Cronkite telling a callous administration to get out of the war business (I hear “Nyet to war” is popular in Crawford right now). But, now it is time to get the ball moving forward again. As Michael Ledeen would say, “Faster please.”

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