I have no desire or intention to see Steven Spielberg’s Munich. For some reason, Spielberg decided that making Schindler’s List and Saving Private Ryan give him the right to get preachy about war and foreign affairs. I knew Munich would be as it apparently is. Leon Wieseltier make a very good point in his review.

The real surprise of Munich is how tedious it is. For long stretches it feels like The Untouchables with eleven Capones. But its tedium is finally owed to the fact that, for all its vanity about its own courage, the film is afraid of itself. It is soaked in the sweat of its idea of evenhandedness. Palestinians murder, Israelis murder. Palestinians show evidence of a conscience, Israelis show evidence of a conscience. Palestinians suppress their scruples, Israelis suppress their scruples. Palestinians make little speeches about home and blood and soil, Israelis make little speeches about home and blood and soil. Palestinians kill innocents, Israelis kill innocents. All these analogies begin to look ominously like the sin of equivalence, and so it is worth pointing out that the death of innocents was an Israeli mistake but a Palestinian objective. (I am referring only to the war between the terrorists and the counterterrorists. The larger picture is darker. Over the years more civilians were killed in Israeli air strikes than in the Palestinian atrocities that provoked those air strikes. The justice of Israel’s defense of itself should not be confused with the rightness of everything that it does in self-defense.)

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  • We just saw “The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe” with our ten year old, and it absolutely wonderful. We all enjoyed it so much. Since, you had a post about a movie I decided to add this. I would suggest the DVD for your little baby girl for when she gets older, and you and your wife would enjoy, too!


    You can go to this link and read and see videos of Christian missionaries from Atlanta, GA that have spent at least three years with Christians in Palestine. The married couple are Presbyterians, and you will see a different perspective of just who the Palestine peoples are. They are practicing the same Christianity of our ancestors.