This image made available by NASA on Thursday, Nov. 5, 2015 shows an artist's rendering of a solar storm hitting the planet Mars and stripping ions from the planet's upper atmosphere. NASA's Mars-orbiting Maven spacecraft has discovered that the sun robbed the red planet of its once-thick atmosphere and water. On Thursday, scientists reported that even today, the solar wind is stripping away about 100 grams of atmospheric gas every second. (Goddard Space Flight Center/NASA via AP)

Murder of the Scientific Method and Free Speech

As The Washington Times recently reported, a University of Colorado (at Colorado Springs) professor recently told his class that no debate would be allowed on climate change. The course is entitled, Medical Humanities in the Digital Age (whatever the heck that means and whatever the heck that has to do with climate change).  The professor went on to quote a completely bogus statistic that is an ongoing favorite of climate alarmists saying, “Opening up a debate that 98% of climate scientists unequivocally agree to be a nondebate would detract from the central concerns of environment and health addressed in this course.”  This statistic has already been disproved by my friend Dr. Roy Spencer and others but it doesn’t stop alarmists from quoting it constantly.

But this story is much bigger than the same old story on the so called gospel of man-made climate change. Our Universities with their safe zones, spurious accusations of “micro-aggresion”, and canceled debates, are now virulently and proudly standing against the scientific method. One cannot do scientific research or think critically about scientific hypotheses if it is streng verboten to examine all the data related to the hypotheses.

This closed mindedness on the part of University officials (and the University of Colorado is far from the only institution where catastrophic man-made climate change theory is taught as scientific law) in indicative of a larger and more frightening mindset in the culture.

Earlier this year, I joined nineteen others (many of whom are esteemed climate scientists and legal experts) in signing a letter to several Attorney’s General who are seeking to bring RICO criminal charges against anyone who dare questions man caused climate change. That letter was subsequently read on the floor of the Senate by Hillary Clinton’s Vice Presidential Nominee, Tim Kaine, who took much of it out of context and attempted to ridicule those of us who signed the letter.

This was part of a larger attack led by Sheldon Whitehouse against the Heritage Foundation and others who are, as Kaine said, “providing information that technically is not a lie” in order to educate the public on why man-made climate change theory is far from proven and in fact looks more and more suspect as a viable theory. Did you catch the word games by Kaine? “Technically not a lie” means that the information and data provided is in fact the truth. The problem is, that that information does not jive with Kaine’s and Whitehouse’s alarmist,  pro-green subsidy, anti-coal, agenda.

What’s more, the Democratic Platform Drafting committee unanimously adopted a “joint proposal calling on the Department of Justice to investigate alleged corporate fraud on the part of fossil fuel companies who have reportedly misled shareholders and the public on the scientific reality of climate change.”

Such  a mindset should be beyond alarming for the American public. Like all good leftists propagandists, from the Universities, to the use of the Senate chambers as a forum to hurl baseless accusations of fraud against climate realists, to criminalizing valid scientific inquiry, the climate change lobby is doing all it can to shut down speech that is counter to its narrative. As Dr. E. Calvin Beisner recently wrote, “Earth’s climate system is one of the most complex natural systems ever studied. It consists of thousands of subsystems — feedback mechanisms — most of which we still don’t understand. We don’t know how strong they are or in some cases even whether they increase or decrease warming or the balance of benefits and harms from it.”

Still, that won’t slow down the champions of the left and their anthropogenic, catastrophic, climate change alarmism. The first amendment must be ignored and trod under foot. The scientific method, which has served scientific inquiry so well for over four hundred years, must be abandoned. There is simply too much money to be made to let this fallacious crisis go to waste.


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