Must Save HOPE

Governor Perdue takes on HOPE according to the AJC. In this case, he wants new legislation to prevent HOPE funds from being spent, except on education.

Gov. Sonny Perdue plans to push for a state constitutional amendment to protect the HOPE scholarship, seizing a popular issue that could help his re-election campaign next year.

Perdue said he would unveil a proposal today designed to keep state legislators from using Georgia lottery money for anything except HOPE college scholarships, pre-kindergarten classes and financial reserves. The governor said he planned to announce the proposal — dubbed the HOPE Chest — during an address to the Georgia School Boards Association meeting in Savannah.

That’s a smart move. While the law may or may not be needed, it helps put the Governor on the right side of an issue some had thought he might not be on. It also earns him some favorable headlines.

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