MUST WATCH: Ben Howe Joins Tomi Lahren to Discuss #NeverTrump

Redstate’s senior contributing editor, Ben Howe joined Tomi Lahren to discuss the merits of #NeverTrump. Howe, one of the early leaders in the #NeverTrump movement, was asked to the interview after pointing out on Twitter that Lahren, a Trump supporter, does not do interviews with guests of the opposing point of view.

The most interesting exchange of the interview came towards the end when Howe asked, “Why do we have to defend the (GOP) candidate under any and all circumstances? Is there a line he could cross that we might finally say is enough?”.  Tomi responded, “Absolutely, but for any line he could have crossed, Hillary Clinton has already crossed it “. In other words…. no, there is not a line he could cross that would change a Trump supporters mind. Tomi is the classic Trumper that after every Trump scandal says, “But Hillary!!!”.


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